Am Segula - Yaakov Dekel

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Translation: The Chosen People
Dance Type: Circles
Year Created: 1960
Choreographer: Yaakov Dekel - View All Dances - View info
Lyricist: Yitzhak Shenhar
Composer: Mordechai Zeira
Singer: Instrumental
Video Source: Basic Israeli Folk Dances -Matti Goldschmidt (DVD)
Blue Star 1988
Blue Star 1996
Coleman 2002 (DVD)
Emanuel 12
Emanuel 209
Emanuel 303
Hora Keff 1996
Hora Shemesh 1995
Machol Europa 2014
Mishael Barzilay Private Video Cassette Collection
Rokdim 16
Shorashim 1993
VIM 28 - DANCE WITH ELI SHTAMER 1993(A) - Jan 1993 (VIM 28)
VIM 29 - DANCE WITH ELI SHTAMER 1993(B) - Jan 1993 (VIM 29)
VIM 37 - DIKLA ‘92 (MAY) & MONTRÉAL ’93 (JUNE) (VIM 37)
Audio Source: CD-Matti Goldschmidt "Basic Israeli Folk Dances"
CD-Moshe Telem - Tlamim 2
CD-Rokdim 011
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 4
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 152
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 182
LP-Blue Star 78-Y 111-(1978)-B. Tiram and Y. Eden
LP-Blue Star Folkdances of Israel - BS 1984 YE 10008 - D. Benshalom
LP-Israeli Folk Dances-I 9999-(1973)
Dance Notations: Hora Keff Dance Notations
LP-Blue Star 78-Y 111-(1978)
Recording Center For Folk Dancing No.4 (in Hebrew)
Comments: Also sung by Izhar Cohen
Melbourne Status: Hora - Inactive
Machol - Never Taught
Nirkoda - Never Taught
Zooz - Never Taught
Worldwide Status: Click to view
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