Al Sadenu (Shir Hasadeh) - Bentzi Tiram

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Translation: On Our Fields
Chinese Dance Name: 阿沙帝諾 / 我們的田園 - View All Chinese Dance Names
Dance Type: Circles
Year Created: 1971
Choreographer: Bentzi Tiram - View All Dances - View info
Lyricist: Amiel
Composer: David Zahavi
Singer: Instrumental
Video Source: Atzmaut Dance Camps 1994
Basic Israeli Folk Dances -Matti Goldschmidt (DVD)
Dance Washington Memorial Day 1987
Danse Montreal 1996-VIM 55
Emanuel 117 = Bentzi Tiram
Emanuel 208
Emanuel 209
Israeli Dances - Moshe Telem 2006 (DVD)
Mishael Barzilay Private Video Cassette Collection
Ramah Rikkudiah 2004
Rokdim 15 (DVD)
VIM 36 - A COLLECTION OF DANCES, 1993 - Aug 1993 (VIM 36)
VIM 55 - Danse Montreal - 1996 (VIM 55)
Audio Source: CD-Bentzi Tiram - Nigunim 1
CD-Jonathan Gabay - Shalom Al Israel - IFD Vol. 2
CD-Matti Goldschmidt "Basic Israeli Folk Dances"
CD-Rokdim 9
CD-Rokdim 104
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 2
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 152
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 156
LP-Bentzi Tiram-Hora Chadasha-Israeli Folk Dances-T-RAM 1001 [BS78BT]
LP-Bentzi Tiram-Israeli Folk Dances-CBS Records CP 29-(1978)
LP-Obispo 1978-OS-1001-(1978)-Yankele Levy
LP-Yaffa Yarkoni-Folkdances-AN 10-06-Tikva 63
Camp / Workshop: Shorashim 2017
Dance Notations: Recording Center For Folk Dancing No.2 (in Hebrew)
Melbourne Status: Hora - Active
Machol - Inactive
Nirkoda - Active
Zooz - Never Taught
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