Lo Yikchu Otach Mimeni - Kobi Michaeli

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Translation: They Will Not Take You (f.) From Me
Chinese Dance Name: 舍不得你 - View All Chinese Dance Names
Dance Type: Partners
Year Created: 2002
Choreographer: Kobi Michaeli - View All Dances - View info
Lyricist: Ehud Manor
Composer: Tunisian
Singer: Samir Shukri
Video Source: Dance Washington Memorial Day 2002
Finjan 2004 (DVD)
Hora Aviv 2002
Hora Keff 2003
Hora Keff 2003 (VCD)
Kobi Michaeli Melbourne 2008 (DVD)
Kobi Michaeli Tikvataynu (VCD)
Machol Europa 2002
Ramah Rikkudiah 2010 (DVD)
Rokdim 217 - Hishtalmut Workshop No.11 - 19 July 2002
Audio Source: CD-Hora Keff 2003
CD-Kobi Michaeli - Finjan 2004
CD-Kobi Michaeli - Tikvataynu
CD-Kobi Michaeli Melbourne 2008
CD-Lior 6 - Israel Yakovee
CD-Rokdim 217-Hishtalmut Workshop No. 11 - 19 July 2002
CD-Yoni Carr Mini Camp 2002
Melbourne Status: Hora - Inactive
Machol - Inactive
Nirkoda - Inactive
Zooz - Never Taught
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