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Al Tira - Yonatan Karmon

Al Tira - Yonatan Karmon

Audio Clip: Listen to Audio Clip
Video Clip: View Video Clip
Video Clip: View Video Clip
Song Lyric:   Click here for Song Lyric
Translation: Don't Fear
Chinese Dance Name: 不要怕 - View All Chinese Dance Names
Dance Type: Circles
Year Created: 1952
Choreographer: Yonatan Karmon - View All Dances - View Choreographer Page
Lyricist: Emanuel Harusi
Composer: Mordechai Zeira
Singer: Instrumental
Video Source: Coleman 2003 (DVD)
Emanuel 26
Hilulim 2005 (DVD)
Rokdim 2 (DVD)
Audio Source: CD-Hilulim 2005
CD-Hora Keff 28
CD-Jonathan Gabay - Shiru Hashir - IFD Vol. 1
CD-Matti Goldschmidt "The Bible in Israeli Dancing" Vol. 2
CD-Meir Shem Tov - No. 1 Beginners Circle - Folkdances of Israel
CD-Rokdim 1
CD-Rokdim 101 - Zohar Israel
CD-Yonatan Karmon - Karmon
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 3
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 6
LP-Best of Effy Netzer Volume 2 - Hataklit 2006[EN2V] - (1972) -
LP-Dance Along With Sabras - Tikva 69 - (1963L) - Fred Berk
LP-From Israel With Dance - HL-2 -
LP-Israel’s Latest Folk Dances - CBS 84774 -
LP-Israeli Folkdances: Haifa Municipality Students - Nevofoon 15020 -
LP-Lets Dance with Effy Netzer Vol. 2 - [NN2] MM 30741 - (1972) -
LP-Mecholeley Hacarmel:Haifa Municipality Students-[Hat.MM 30739-(1978L)
LP-Mekorot #1: Folkdances of Israel - Mekorot #2 [Mek2] -
LP-Nirkoda No. 2 - Hed Artzi AN 48-56[NRK2] - (1972L) -
LP-Songs of the Sabras:Karmon Israeli Folk Dancers + Sing.(1969L)
LP-THE BEST OF ISRAELI FOLKDANCES with Effy Netzer - CBS 20005/6 -
Dance Notations: Ami Gilad - Dance With Sabras *
Recording Center For Folk Dancing No.3 (in Hebrew)
Comments: Jeremiah 46:27, 28, Genesis 28:12,, Also sung by Shloimie Dachs
Melbourne Status: Hora - Inactive
Machol - Active
Nirkoda - Inactive
Zooz - Never Taught
Worldwide Status: Click to view
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