Al Kanfey Hakesef (Al Kanfei Hakesef) - Moti Elfasy

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Translation: On Silver Wings
Chinese Dance Name: 銀翼衝霄漢 - View All Chinese Dance Names
Dance Type: Circles
Year Created: 1970
Choreographer: Moti Elfasy - View All Dances - View info
Lyricist: Naomi Shemer
Composer: Naomi Shemer
Singer: Air Force Troupe
Video Source: Bou Lirkod-Israeli Dances for Beginers Vol.2
Dance Washington Memorial Day 1990
Emanuel 7
Emanuel 106-part
Emanuel 212
Emanuel 303
Karmiel Summer Course 2007 Vols. 1 + 2 (DVD)
Machol Europa 2014
Rokdim 1 (DVD)
VIM 33 - 2nd Hora Dikla 1993 Part B - May 1993 (VIM 33)
VIM 47 - MACHOL MIAMI 1994 (VIM 47)
VIM 53 - Machol Miami - 1995 (VIM 53)
Audio Source: CD-Camp Yachad 2010
CD-Hora Keff 16
CD-Moshe Telem - Tlamim 1
CD-Rokdim 1
CD-Rokdim 020
CD-Rokdim 101 - Zohar Israel
CD-Yehuda Emanuel - Israeli Folk Dance
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 1
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 6
LP-Blue Star 1977-Gary Fox Presents Old and New-GF 1-(1977)
LP-Haim Livne Presents New and Most Popular Dances From Israel-HL-1-(1977)
LP-Michael Barzilai-Sovu Bamachol-Reuveni Br. 3-391, Makolit LP 12004,Hataklit MM 30820
LP-Raphael Elfassy-Israel Chants et Danses-ELF 30876
LP-Shlomo Bachar-Back From Israel 76-Hadarim VIII-(1976)-Shlomo Bachar
LP-Telamin 3-Israeli Folk Dances with Moshe Telem-TN 11233-(1985)
Dance Notations: Recording Center For Folk Dancing No.1 (in Hebrew)
Recording Center For Folk Dancing No.6 (in Hebrew)
Comments: and Ofra Haza, Lehakat Cheil Ha'avir
Melbourne Status: Hora - Active
Machol - Active
Nirkoda - Active
Zooz - Active
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