Machol Hashalom (Ani Nishba) - Yair Ankri

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Translation: Dance for Peace
Dance Type: Circles
Year Created: 1989
Choreographer: Yair Ankri - View All Dances - View info
Lyricist: Kobi Oz
Composer: Kobi Oz
Singer: Tipex
Video Source: Blue Star 1989
Dance Washington Memorial Day 1989
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Hora Shalom 1989
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VIM 47 - MACHOL MIAMI 1994 (VIM 47)
W179-Mishael Barzilay Teachers Workshop No. 83 (23 March 1997)
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Audio Source: CD-Hora Keff 23
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Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 78
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LP-Harishon 89-The Best from Israel-[HAR89] IW 4-(1989)-Ira Weisburd
Camp / Workshop: Camp Yachad 2009
Dance Notations: LP-Harishon 89-The Best from Israel-[HAR89] IW 4-(1989)
Recording Center For Folk Dancing No.78 (in Hebrew)
Melbourne Status: Hora - Active
Machol - Never Taught
Nirkoda - Inactive
Zooz - Never Taught
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