Ma Avarech - Moshe Eskayo

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Translation: What Shall I Bless
Chinese Dance Name: 教我如何讚美你 - View All Chinese Dance Names
Dance Type: Partners
Year Created: 1970
Choreographer: Moshe Eskayo - View All Dances - View info
Lyricist: Rachel Shapira
Composer: Yair Rozenblum
Singer: Rivka Zohar
Video Source: Hora Keff 2004 (DVD)
Hora Shalom 1983
Audio Source: CD-Hora Keff 2004
CD-Hora Keff 17
CD-Moshe Eskayo #2
LP-Moshe Eskayo IFC 4-45rpm [IFC4]
LP-Sabras 5-Recreational Folkdances of Israel-[SBR5]
LP-Shlomo Shai-Naarah Folkdances Of Israel-IFC 1-(1970)-Moshe Eskayo
LP-Songs of Israel-El Al-Hed Artzi BAN 14208-(1971)
LP-Uri Hodorov-New Folk Dances of Israel-Tikva 142-(1970)-Moshe Eskayo
Dance Notations: Hora Shalom Dance Notations
Comments: P, Also sung by Lehakat Cheil Hayam, Amir Benayun, Dani Litani, Chavah Alberstein
Melbourne Status: Hora - Never Taught
Machol - Never Taught
Nirkoda - Never Taught
Zooz - Never Taught
Worldwide Status: Click to view
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