Ahuvat Hamatador - Dede Luski

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Translation: The Matador's Love
Chinese Dance Name: 西班牙戀曲 - View All Chinese Dance Names
Dance Type: Partners
Year Created: 1990
Choreographer: Dede Luski - View All Dances - View Choreographer Page
Lyricist: Dudu Barak
Composer: Spanish
Singer: Aliza Azikri
Video Source: Blue Star 1991
Emanuel 17
Emanuel 202
Emanuel 213
Finally Philly 1991
Machol Europa 1990 - IFDA Summer 1990
Rokdim 44 (DVD)
VIM 24 - DANCING IN NY AT THE 92ND ST Y - Nov 1992 (VIM 24)
VIM 33 - 2nd Hora Dikla 1993 Part B - May 1993 (VIM 33)
W150-Mishael Barzilay Teachers Workshop No. 73 (4 Feb 1995)
Audio Source: CD-Hora Keff 2
CD-Hora Keff 6
CD-Rokdim 016
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 80
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 105
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 150
Dance Notations: Recording Center For Folk Dancing No.105 (in Hebrew)
Recording Center For Folk Dancing No.80 (in Hebrew)
Comments: Also sung by Edna Lev
Melbourne Status: Hora - Inactive
Machol - Active
Nirkoda - Active
Zooz - Never Taught
Worldwide Status: Click to view
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